Museum of World Culture 

Gothenburg, Se

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The Museum of World culture in Gothenburg is located close to the Universeum, a museum with great traffic and an impressive exterior. It is also close to the amusement park, Liseberg. In combination with the lack of landscape architecture around the Museum of World Culture, Universeum and Liseberg “steel its’ thunder”.

From the South of the building, the entrance was not easy identified. There was a big flat area in front of the entrance of the building with no distinctive design elements. The building itself from the outside is interesting but couldn’t be categorized as a landmark.

How the Museum of World Culture can be more popular?

By ‘connecting’ the Museum of World Culture with the Universeum, Liseberg, and always busy Korsvägen, can actually gain traffic from the ‘popular’ locations in the area.

By choosing the appropriate design elements it can draw people from the busy areas all times of the day, as well as be a satellite map landmark for the visitors of the city.


The sea is connecting the continents. What a better way to connect Universem with kultur museet… the sea. These two museums are like pebbles thrown into the water creating ripples.


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