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The school building is located on the north-west side of the site, which leaves the nearby area open for the various activities. The school’s main entrance is on level 2 and the car park is on the north side, next to a bus stop and disabled parking. The car park has an entrance and exit, a drop-off place for children, 35 parking spaces and a disabled parking space. Next to the parking lot is a bicycle parking lot with 80 spaces. The unloading area is located on the western side of the plot and next to the entrance for the kitchen.

The school’s living space for children is 10,740 m2, on which several activities have been planned for both children and staff.

Once inside the school’s patio, which is located between the main building and the parking lot, children are met by a playful path, inspired by the beach promenade, along which all outdoor activities are laid out. The first thing anyone sees is a south-facing wooden pavilion overlooking a large sandbox, play areas and an orchard. The path is crossed by wider straight paths that connect the car park with the entrances to the building on level 1. Forward to the western part of the path is a large paved area with a sun bed, 2 gaga courts and a sandbox with concrete seating. To the east there is a water play that is built on site and that takes height differences into account. Next to the water play there is a large playground inspired by both lake and sea. There are also football and basketball courts.

Further along the path is a large balance track and a sand play. When you go up the path, there is an amphitheater built on site that the school can use for e.g. theatre performances. This is complemented by large areas of trees and toys.


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