Commercial Port of Rhodes

Rhodes, Gr

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The aim of the study was to analyze the area and propose potential uses of the land at the Commercial Port of Rhodes as well as make a design proposal.

The commercial port of Rhodes in the city context

The Commercial Port of Rhodes (CPR) is within a radius of 1600m with the old marina, the port for cruise ships and the new Marina of Rhodes. The coastal road connects the two ports and two marinas. The area south of the CPR has no pedestrian side walk and control of the traffic entering or exiting the CPR.

Arrivals/departures: In August 2017, which is the busiest month of the year for the commercial port of Rhodes, there were 38.169 arrivals/departures of travellers, 4.010 vehicles from which 630 containers. This is a very busy port considering its Infrastructures.

Uses: A remarkable big area of the commercial port is occupied by “carnagio”. A linear area with gravel is also remaining unused for the port’s needs. The remaining area of the port is covered with asphalt with no distinguished parking area or shelter for the passengers.

Entrance/Exit: There are 2 entrances/exists of the port, one for containers and a second for cars and pedestrians. Both entrances are not clearly seen when approaching from the costal road.

Vehicle/pedestrian access: The pedestrians share the same entrance with the vehicles with no sidewalk.


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